Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Urban Tech Works for Students

With over a decade of experience as an executive and sales leader, Janina Casey has worked for notable New York City financial companies. Janina Casey enjoys giving back to the community by supporting nonprofit organizations such as Urban Tech.

Founded in 1995, Urban Tech, or the National Urban Technology Center, works to advance the educational system and change students' lives by promoting social-emotional learning and critical thinking. Since its establishment, Urban Tech has been creating opportunities and bridging the digital divide for disadvantaged communities. SeedTech, for example, is a program that helps underrepresented populations develop leadership and technology skills.

In 2020, Urban Tech announced the launch of a new program called Parents Care. Urban Tech aims to implement the program across New York City in early 2021. Five Brooklyn-based schools were selected for the launch. The Parents Care Program will work to provide a smart classroom in every student's home as long as schools are closed. 

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