Monday, August 27, 2018

Ways to Stand Out When Auditioning for a Commercial

Philanthropist and finance professional Janina Casey graduated from St. John's University and has since led a career in research equity and sales. During her childhood, Janina Casey was involved in the acting world and appeared in several television commercials. as well as the television show The Electric Company.

Standing out during a commercial audition is challenging for actors of any age. Listed below are a few things to help young actors be more memorable during a casting call.

1. Dress appropriately. Casting directors audition young actors because they want actors who look the age they’ll be playing. For this reason, actors should always dress appropriately for an audition and avoid applying too much makeup, wearing provocative clothes, or doing other things that don't suit their age.

2. Make adjustments. During an audition, it’s not uncommon for the director to request that the actor do something differently than the sample script says. For example, directors may try changing which word is emphasized in a line. Directors often do this to figure out how well a young actor takes direction when it comes to their performance. Those who are unable to take direction well are more likely to be passed up for someone with more range.

3. Create a moment. While rehearsing, young actors can craft a scene that happens right before the section they are auditioning for. The creation of some backstory will help the actor get into character and demonstrates to the director that the actor understands the idea that scenes are a slice of life.

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