Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Clio Fashion and Beauty Awards

A New York resident with more than 15 years of professional experience, Janina Casey holds a bachelor of science in finance from St. John's University. She also completed management training programs at Princeton and Harvard University. As a child, Janina Casey worked as an actor, securing a Clio Award for her work on a Tic Tac commercial.

Since 1959, the Clio Awards have recognized excellence in advertising through a number of prestigious awards. In addition to the original awards celebrating creativity in the entertainment business, award categories have since expanded to include health, music, and sports. In 2013, Clio Fashion and Beauty began recognizing work that propels the beauty industry forward through innovative and powerful marketing campaigns.

Clio Fashion and Beauty accepts entries in the form of print media, video, or audio file, as well as campaign entries that include multiple pieces. Each entry should be accompanied by an entry synopsis of approximately 300 words. Recent winners of Clio winners include Adidas Originals, Lacoste, and Diesel.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Three Hikes Near New York City

Based in New York City, Janina Casey is the managing director of BTIG, a financial services firm with an international reach. In her free time, Janina Casey enjoys spending time outdoors, golfing or hiking.

While living in the city affords many great opportunities and a fun, fast-paced lifestyle, it is also nice to escape the city and spend time in the outdoors. For New Yorkers, there are many hikes within driving distance of the city. Here are some of the best, according to Time Out.

Ice Caves and Verkeerderkill Falls Trail Hike
This seven-mile trail is very popular, as it takes hikers through ice caves and along the highest waterfall trail in the Shawangunk Mountains. The trail leads to Sam’s Point, which offers great views. This is an easy trek that takes about 4.5 hours.

Bull Hill
This “hill” ascends 1,350 feet and awards hikers with beautiful vistas of the Hudson Valley. This is also a great destination for those who want a trail that is slightly less traveled. The trek takes about 3 hours and is moderate to difficult.

Lake Skenonto Loop

For those who want a flatter hike, this eight-mile loop takes between 5 and 6 hours and is about half a mile from Tuxedo Station along the New Jersey Transit line. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

NYCx Co-Labs: Proposing Ideas That Solve Urban Needs

Janina Casey is a managing director at the stock brokerage BTIG in New York City. She previously served in leadership roles at Telsey Advisory Group and Merrill Lynch. Janina Casey recently joined the board of Urbantech NYC.

Urbantech NYC was launched in 2015 in order to invest in innovation and provide support for entrepreneurs working to make cities more livable and sustainable. One of the organization’s programs is NYCx Co-Labs, which grew from a partnership between NYCEDC, the Mayor's Office of the Chief Technology Officer (MOCTO), and NYU's Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP).

NYCx Co-Labs challenges community members to find technology solutions that help local residents and gives them a space to share their concerns on a neighborhood level. They are also able to connect with entrepreneurs to consider these problems and their solutions. Currently, NYCx Co-Labs is working on housing rights and accessible mental health in Inwood. Previous concerns included creating safer and thriving nighttime corridors in Brownsville and installing Internet on Governors Island.

Learn more about this program and others at https://urbantechnyc.com/. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Urban Tech Works for Students

With over a decade of experience as an executive and sales leader, Janina Casey has worked for notable New York City financial companies. Janina Casey enjoys giving back to the community by supporting nonprofit organizations such as Urban Tech.

Founded in 1995, Urban Tech, or the National Urban Technology Center, works to advance the educational system and change students' lives by promoting social-emotional learning and critical thinking. Since its establishment, Urban Tech has been creating opportunities and bridging the digital divide for disadvantaged communities. SeedTech, for example, is a program that helps underrepresented populations develop leadership and technology skills.

In 2020, Urban Tech announced the launch of a new program called Parents Care. Urban Tech aims to implement the program across New York City in early 2021. Five Brooklyn-based schools were selected for the launch. The Parents Care Program will work to provide a smart classroom in every student's home as long as schools are closed. 

Clio Fashion and Beauty Awards

A New York resident with more than 15 years of professional experience, Janina Casey holds a bachelor of science in finance from St. John&#...