Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dignity for All - Urban Tech’s Tool to Combat Bullying

Janina Casey is a financial executive based in New York. Outside of work, Janina Casey serves on the board of Urban Tech, an organization that provides students and schools with computers. In addition to its primary mission, Urban Tech has developed various programs for schools, including Dignity for All, which aims to combat and prevent bullying.

Dignity for All provides both offline workbooks and interactive digital components to teach children empathy and mindfulness. Materials were designed to inspire reflection and discussion about compassion. The program includes three distinct quests for students, based on acquiring understanding, altering attitudes, and reforming behaviors. 

National surveys have shown that 70 percent of secondary students have experienced bullying, including cyberbullying. This staggering figure makes it extremely important to bring programming to schools to stop this behavior. Dignity for All inspires students to become more reflective and compassionate in their relationships with other students as a means of stopping this problem at its root.

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A New York resident with more than 15 years of professional experience, Janina Casey holds a bachelor of science in finance from St. John&#...