Thursday, October 26, 2017

Springsteen on Broadway - an Intimate and Intense Performance

Janina Casey, a respected presence in the New York financial community, engages in fundraising with the technology- and education-centered nonprofit Urban Tech. An actress in her youth, Janina Casey has performed in musicals and still enjoys seeing theatrical productions. 

One sell-out Broadway show that has garnered recognition in the New York Times as an “overwhelming and uncategorizable” Critics Pick is Springsteen on Broadway. Performed in an intimate theater, the show presents the legendary American singer/songwriter virtually solo and singing songs from his pop, rock, and folk catalog.

In a meditative performance described as "burning with quiet intensity," Springsteen unearths obscurities and transforms his chart-toppers, as with a downbeat acoustic rendition of Dancing in the Dark. In Born in the USA, instead of emphasizing the chorus, Springsteen sings with an emphasis on the bleak lyrics of a veteran having trouble adapting to civilian life after serving in Vietnam.

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