Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Supporting Disadvantaged Youth through Mentorship Programs

Beyond her work as an equities and sales professional, Janina Casey is committed to addressing issues facing disadvantaged youth. In addition to her board position with the educational nonprofit Urban Tech, Janina Casey has coordinated fundraising events to help underserved schools purchase computers and spent several years mentoring high school students. 

Well-designed mentoring programs can help counteract many of the negative circumstances impacting disadvantaged youth, such as poverty, substance abuse, and violence. Studies have shown that at-risk students who spend time with a mentor are more likely to graduate high school and attend college. 

Mentors can help youth in a number of ways. Some mentorship programs provide one-on-one academic and homework support and tutoring. Other programs focus on college readiness and identifying a career path and match students with mentors working in their desired field. 

Besides the attention and guidance of a caring adult, youth benefit from the safe environment mentorship programs provide. A number of programs also train their mentors in conflict resolution and building relationships.

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