Wednesday, September 26, 2018

How Educational Television Shapes Learning

Managing director at BTIG, Janina Casey has over two decades of experience working with some of the most successful brokerages in New York City. An alumna of St. John’s University, Janina Casey had a successful acting career in her youth and was on the iconic children’s educational television program The Electric Company

Educational television programs are a vital tool for teaching children positive social behaviors and basic numeracy and literacy skills. Additionally, children can learn about the wider world through educational programs focused on nature, travel, and other cultures. Children’s programming has also been shown to develop school readiness in young children, including skills such as following instructions and learning simple songs through repetition. 

This can have a long-term impact in a child’s academic performance. When compared to children who watch entertainment television regularly, preschool children who watch a large amount of educational television attain higher scores on achievement tests. For this and other reasons, experts advise parents to be selective about the type of programming their children watch.

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