Saturday, January 20, 2018

Urbantech NYC Initiatives

Since 1999, Janina Casey has been working in executive level positions at financial institutions in New York City. Janina Casey supports Urbantech NYC fundraisers and was recently elected to the Board of Directors. 

Urbantech NYC is a company dedicated to fostering an entrepreneurship ecosystem that supports both innovation and entrepreneurs looking to make cities more sustainable and livable. To this end, Urbantech focuses on four main areas: work, build, demonstrate, and connect. 

Urbantech NYC offers more than 10,000 square feet of affordable private and co-working spaces at Urban Future Lab, Hub @ GCT, and Hub @ New Lab, providing areas for innovators to create and connect. The company has also teamed with New Lab and the Regional Economic Development Council to develop a prototyping center and commercialization program so that Urbantech members have the tools they need to build and create. 

Further, the company is also looking for ways to help its members demonstrate their innovations and technologies on New York City infrastructure, to show in a concrete fashion how their work can solve problems. To learn more, visit

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